Member Dues Notice and Calculation

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Continuing for FY2025

We are continuing the optional and voluntary contribution in addition to your program’s dues that supports the ongoing technical assistance (TA) to NAIP members for resource development. TA resource assist in supporting and expanding your fundraising goals. Suggested annual contributions range from $1,000 to $5,000 Please read here TA Project Description to understand the history and current technical assistance available to NAIP members to better understand and work with a comprehensive database of national civil justice funding information.

PLEASE NOTE: The ACH Bank Transfer information has been updated for 2024.  If you intend to pay by ACH please request the new details.

NAIP Dues Structure

As outlined in detail in the resolution adopted by the Board on February 25, 2019, annual membership dues for NAIP’s 2025 fiscal year (July 1, 2024 – June 30, 2025) will be assessed as follows:

  1. United States Programs (includes all programs based in states and other US jurisdictions).
    1. If total Operational Expenses are $100,000 or less, annual dues are $500.
    2. If total Operational Expenses are $1,000,000 or more, annual dues are $5,000.
    3. If total Operational Expenses are between 100,000 and $1,000,000, annual dues are half of one percent (0.005) of total Operational
    4. In Exceptional Circumstances, a Member may seek approval from NAIP for a reduction of the total Operational Expenses that is used for the calculation of its
  2. Canadian Programs
    1. Membership dues are handled through the ACLF.


  1. Operational Expenses
    1. Total Operational Expenses include all expenses for the most recently completed fiscal year that relate to the general functioning of the organization. This includes all personnel salaries and compensation, plus all operational, administrative, and program service expenses (including rent, utility, repair, regular programming expenditures, management, accounting, and fundraising expenses).
    2. Total Operational Expenses excludes all grant distributions of any kind (IOLTA or otherwise) and LRAP distributions.
    3. Total Operational Expenses excludes the audited value of In-kind Support (often labeled Contributed Services).
    4. For an independent foundation or non-profit, this means the total Operational Expenses of the entire foundation or non-profit. If the program operates within another organization or entity, such as the court system or state bar, total Operational Expenses refer to the direct and indirect expenses of the unit that encompasses IOLTA operations, support for legal aid, access to justice initiatives, and the administration of
    5. A Member may seek approval from NAIP for a reduction, based on Exceptional Circumstances, of the total Operational Expenses used for calculation of its dues. (Exceptional Circumstances are explained )
  2. Exceptional Circumstances
    Exceptional Circumstances are situations where a component of a Regular Member’s Operational Expenses (1) comprises 15% or more of its Operational Expenses, and (2) is outside the scope of NAIP’s mission. Examples of a component giving rise to Exceptional Circumstances include civics education and mock trial programs. IOLTA operations, support for legal aid, access to justice initiatives, and the administration of justice do not give rise to Exceptional Circumstances. (Individual components may not be combined to reach the 15% threshold.)
  1. Hardship Policy
    The Hardship Policy is intended to address extenuating circumstances which may result in an inability of member organizations to pay full membership dues in a given year or pay on the standard timeline. The Policy allows the Board to waive part or, in rare circumstances, all of the dues for an organization with limited financial resources or approve an alternative payment schedule. To request a reduction or waiver of dues or an alternative payment schedule, an organization must submit a written request. This request must explain the nature of the need, including the anticipated duration of the hardship, and the proposed reduction in dues or proposed alternative payment schedule. Some of the criteria for granting reduced membership dues or alternative payment timelines include extreme financial hardship, limited organizational budget, or other extenuating circumstances of a temporary nature. If an organization is unable to pay even reduced dues, they may submit financial evidence supporting a need for a full dues waiver. All requests for dues reductions or waivers or alternative payment schedules for extenuating circumstances will be kept confidential within the Board and Membership Committee. If you have questions about NAIP’s Hardship Policy, contact Nancy Haywood, NAIP Operations Director, 919-459-6093,, NAIP Membership Committee Chair, Becky Murray,608-257-2841 ,

Please complete and submit this completed form by June 14, 2024. If you selected the invoice option, invoices will be sent by mid-June. All payments are due by July 31, 2024. Programs that have not paid their membership dues by September 2nd will lose access to members-only benefits.

Questions or Comments: Contact Nancy Haywood, NAIP Operations Director, 919-459-6093,, NAIP Membership Committee Chair, Becky Murray, 608-257-2841 ,  Interested in getting more involved? Have an idea for an educational program or member benefit? We would love to hear from you.

Note: If your dues amount varies significantly from the prior year, an NAIP representative may reach out to you for clarification.