Membership Renewal

To Join/Renew: 2024 Dues Calculation and Worksheet


Joining or renewing your membership with The National Association of IOLTA Programs not only guarantees you access to the only peer network of its kind but it will also benefit your own organization by helping to join 63 others in collectively supporting civil legal aid funding.

Here’s a recap of what a membership with NAIP will provide for you and your program:


Our members have unrivaled experience and expertise when it comes to civil legal aid funding for impoverished individuals and families. Our members’ constant praise of the connections they have forged here, as well as the availability of best practice resources, are a testament to the invaluable nature of having such a powerful and impactful network.

Here is how NAIP continues to support such connections for its members:

  • Our infrastructure for our collective leadership is constantly being revamped and optimized. We want all our members to fully reap the benefits of having such a vast peer network so that issues such as how best to respond to multi-jurisdictional bank policy issues can be addressed quickly. Our latest discussion on COVID’s impact on IOLTA revenue even resulted in positive press coverage.
  • We listened to our members’ wish to have a tool to enable free and open communication, yet ensure privacy. This is why we use Basecamp. Not only have we received positive feedback regarding the ease of use for peer-to-peer technical assistance but we have also noted the high efficiency of the forum in connecting members to the right information at the right time.
  • Our directory of IOLTA programs and staff contact information has also been widely received and, in turn, highly utilized. We will continue to ensure that all members have direct access to whatever contact details that they need and that all the information is consistently up to date.
  • Another suggestion from our members that was heeded and is now in the pipeline is our Mentoring Program for new executive directors. We have no doubt that, once fully established, stronger peer-to-peer connections especially among smaller IOLTA programs and newer staff members will be created.
  • Unbeknown to many of our members, we also have organized eight standing committees of NAIP volunteers including the new Racial Justice Committee. These volunteers work extensively on our members’ behalf to address how NAIP can support a program’s efforts to promote various pertinent causes such as racial justice.


NAIP has successfully adapted to the demand for both virtual and on-demand educational programs, therefore helping our individuals develop and improve organizational practices related to revenue, grantmaking, and other areas of interest and importance.

Here is how NAIP will continue to facilitate educational services among our members:

  • NAIP will continue to host free monthly webinars twice each month on wide-ranging, timely topics. Our speakers are highly regarded in their fields of expertise and well-versed in the topics presented. All members also have access to an online link if they are unable to attend.
  • We understand that productivity is key among our members, which is why, when a topic of interest or relevance is brought to our attention, we make every effort to efficiently organize a virtual event (for example, our recent, highly attended conversation with NLADA to discuss their legislative agenda).
  • Our coordination of IOLTA workshops also ensures that all members have access to focused and interactive discussions on specific areas pertaining to their IOLTA programs. We can proudly state that our participants have always rallied together to make sure that problems are resolved and that, where feasible, best practices are made available for the individuals in need, in order to avoid re-inventing the wheel.
  • We are constantly updating our essential online library of references through to make sure that all resources including templates, policies, sample language, etc are current and remain relevant.


NAIP will also, as aligned with our members’ requests, continue to maintain and establish partnerships with other organizations whose similar goals and values will help further our reach and expand our awareness.

Here is how NAIP seeks to strengthen partnerships for the benefit of our members:

  • We will continue our coordination with the American Bar Association Commission on IOLTA, to ensure that our programs are supported and that functionality of the IOLTA handbook is continually updated and relevant.
  • We will continue to strive to seek out new partnerships with other justice/civil legal aid funders whom we feel will, in the long term, benefit our members and grow our network, such as the Pew Charitable Trust.
  • Wherever our IOLTA programs are based, NAIP will focus on forging and advancing partnerships with the state’s philanthropic community, therefore raising awareness of our members’ efforts in funding civil legal aid and hopefully sparking charitable interest in their cause.
  • Our members value the sharing of information and exchange of ideas with key national justice partners including NLADA, SCLAID, MIE, and ABA. With the participation of a NAIP liaison, we will maintain our regular meetings in hopes of strengthening our bonds and making sure that the resources made available for our members continue to expand.

We constantly strive to ensure that our members take full advantage of all the benefits our network has to offer. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to us. All queries are welcome and we take every measure necessary to ensure that our members feel heard and that their voices are incorporated into our progress.