Equal Justice Landscape

According to an American Bar Association study, approximately 80 percent of the civil legal needs of poor Americans are not addressed. There are simply not enough resources to help everyone in need. The legal aid community is working to address this dilemma.

Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts is one of several significant funding sources for legal aid. Funding throughout the country includes court filing fee add-ons, state appropriations and private donations.

Unlike the criminal justice system, people with civil legal problems are not guaranteed an attorney. From the abused woman trying to find safety for herself and her children, to the elderly woman unlawfully evicted from her home, legal aid exists to ensure that all Americans have access to our civil justice system.

If you would like to help more people attain civil justice, contact your state's IOLTA program to learn how you can help IOLTA in your state. Together, we can make a difference.

To find your state's IOLTA program go to the ABA Commission on IOLTA Directory of State Programs at:


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