Information for Banks

The state IOLTA programs that are members of the National Association of IOLTA Programs (NAIP) are pleased to collaborate with financial institutions. Through the cooperative efforts of the legal profession and the banking industry since IOLTA began in the early 1980s, hundreds of thousands of Americans have been served by the legal aid, access-to-justice and law-related education programs supported by IOLTA.

Over 5,500 financial institutions participate in IOLTA by maintaining IOLTA accounts. The legal profession values this worthwhile partnership with the banking community. Not only do participating banks serve a worthwhile cause, they also have found IOLTA accounts to be an excellent source of deposits. Are you interested in working with the IOLTA program in your state? Please visit our directory of IOLTA programs.

Recognizing Financial Institutions
Many IOLTA programs publicly recognize financial institutions that treat IOLTA favorably. Some states have an "Honor Roll" for financial institutions, and other states provide different forms of recognition. Several states also present awards at bar association functions and include a list of participating banks in state bar publications and Web sites.

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