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About the ABA Commission on IOLTA

Commission on IOLTA

The Commission on IOLTA was established by the American Bar Association in 1986. It (1) collects, maintains, analyzes and disseminates information on programs involving the use of interest on lawyers' trust accounts for the support of law-related public service activities; (2) makes recommendations for Association policy on the creation and operation of IOLTA programs; (3) maintains liaisons with state IOLTA programs; and (4) oversees the IOLTA Clearinghouse, which provides information, materials and technical assistance on IOLTA program design and operation. Please visit the Commission's Web site to learn more.

Joint Activities
NAIP and the ABA Commission on IOLTA operate in close cooperation to assist local IOLTA programs in maximizing the funding available for legal services. The ABA Commission on IOLTA and NAIP provide training, consultation, research and policy development to state IOLTA programs.

For general information about IOLTA and about the ABA Commission on IOLTA:

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Staff Counsel
American Bar Association Commission on IOLTA
321 N. Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60610

For more information about the National Association of IOLTA Programs:

Chuck Dunlap
President, National Association of IOLTA Programs
Indiana Bar Foundation
615 N. Alabama, Suite 122
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 269-7861

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